Materials Theory, Modeling and Simulation


The department Materials Theory, Modeling and Simulation is topically located in between the fields of materials science, materials mechanics and solid mechanics. Our research focuses on modeling microstructure formation and predicting the resulting structure-property relationships in amorphous and crystalline materials across scales. The method portfolio ranges from atomistic simulations, discrete and continuum dislocation dynamics, to phase field approaches as well as classical and non-classical continuum theories of solids.

Research Topics

The department's research focuses on the collective dynamics of crystal defects such as dislocations, grain and phase boundaries, the interaction between them under thermomechanical loading, and their influence on the resulting material properties. We employ simulation methods on a variety of length and time scales and are particularly interested in the transfer of information between scales. Materials of interest include single and multiphase metals, semiconductors, and (smart) ceramics.


Dr. Michael Budnitzki


Building TZA / Room D1.12

+49 241/927803-22



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