Open Data Impact Award for JSC Scientists

The Open Data Impact Award was created by Stifterverband as part of its innOsci programme, the Forum for Open Innovation Culture, and is awarded in cooperation with the magazine DUZ. It aims to create initiatives to make research data open and thus more widely usable. It especially highlights the potential of Open Data in research for innovation and society. Every year, a jury of open data experts from the fields of science, business, and civil society selects three projects from various research areas. Stifterverband provides a total of € 30,000 in funding for the award.

One of the projects selected for the Open Data Impact Award 2021 involves Clara Betancourt, Jianing Sun, Sabine Schröder and their colleagues from JSC. The JSC scientists received second prize and € 10,000 in funding for their project "TOAR App, Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report database". The TOAR database is one of the largest collections of global near-surface ozone measurements. To further facilitate the reuse of this data, they are developing a smartphone app that farmers can use to quantify ozone-related damage to their crops.

The virtual award ceremony for the Open Data Impact Award took place in December 2021 as part of the innOsci "unknOwn unknOwns" festival. The award winners introduced themselves and their research to the public and demonstrated how open research data can benefit society as a whole. Further information on the Open Data Impact Award can be found at

Contact: Clara Betancourt

from JSC News No. 286, 7 February 2022

Last Modified: 06.04.2024