IBG-2 PhD Seminar Series 2022

IBG-2 PhD Seminar Series 2022 was a great success - Stefan Sanow won the IBG-2 "Best presentation" Award

The organising team of the IBG-2 Doctoral Seminar Series 2022. From left to right: Hamid Rouina, Jimena Martinez Diaz, Oliver Knopf, Ana Carolina dos Santos Sa, Dirk Jollet, Jim Buffat, Yuxi Niu, Vsevolod Cherepashkin.

Our IBG-2 seminar series took place again this year as a hybrid event. On this occasion, more than 30 of our PhD students, and thus almost all of them, presented the status of their PhD projects and sought feedback from institute members who are usually not involved in the project or their own working group. This event was entirely organised by the PhD students themselves and this year's organising team (see picture) did a very good job. There were sessions on the following topics: Biomass Processing, Photosynthesis, Phenotyping and Remote Sensing, Sun-Induced Fluorescence, Biotic Plant Interactions, Abiotic Stress and Computational Biology, which shows the broad spectrum of research at our institute. All sessions started with a short talk by one of our senior scientists introducing the general topic and giving an overview of the broader research topic in our institute, which was an excellent starting point for the PhD students.

In addition, the audience was asked to give each speaker digital feedback on their performance (e.g. on the clarity and conciseness of the presentation and slides, good overview, engagement with the audience, appropriate response to questions). Although the overall quality of the presentations this year was very good, there was a clear vote for one speaker as "best speaker": Stefan Sanow. He gave a very clear presentation on: "Molecular mechanisms of microbe-assisted plant performance under limited nitrogen".

Last Modified: 29.03.2023