Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes

Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes
Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes
Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes

The aim of the Research Unit “Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes” is the quantification of matter and isotope fluxes between plants, soil and the atmosphere and elucidation of the biogeochemical and physical processes behind them in a range of ecosystems from cropland and grassland to forest. The analytical methods used comprise a range of techniques from enzyme assays at the leaf scale, chamber and cuvette measurements, classical gas chromatography and isotope ratio mass spectrometry up to online isotope-specific laser absorption spectrometry. The ultimate goal is to contribute to constraining global greenhouse gas budgets through process-oriented research and to help to develop management strategies for greenhouse gas emission reduction. For this, basic research is complemented with application-oriented projects.

Current research foci:

Plant-Soil-Atmosphere Exchange Processes

Current projects:

INPLAMINT (BONARES): Erhöhung der landwirtschaftlichen Nährstoffnutzungseffizienz durch Optimierung von Pflanze-Boden-Mikroorganismen-Wechselwirkungen

Real-time quantification of oxygen isotope exchange between carbon dioxide and leaf/soil water with laser-based spectroscopy

The role of abiotic processes in the formation of gaseous N compounds in the soil

Quantification of root water uptake with stable isotopes and MRI

Direct and indirect nitrous oxide emissions from the TERENO field sites

Process studies on greenhouse gas exchange and N loss

Wetlands in East Africa: Reconciling future food production with environmental protection

Effect of nitrogen availability on lignin stability in soils

Instrumental and Data-driven Approaches to Source-Partitioning of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes (IDAS-GHG)


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