Soil organic matter dynamics and elemental cycles

The personal and group objectives of the current research in natural and managed systems are to:

  • Obtain information on the origin, residence time, cycling and priming of organic matter and elements (N, P, K, Ca, Si, Fe etc.) in the soil-plant system and from there into surface - and groundwater.
  • Improve the understanding of the complex carbon and nutrient biogeochemistry processes and interactions that occur at the field and catchment scale.
  • Examine using novel and robust high resolution tools and technologies the variable, multiple dimensional impacts of natural and anthropogenic environmental perturbations on biogeochemical cycles.
  • Collect field and laboratory based scientific information to provide options to manage natural and managed systems in a sustainable manner within a systems biogeochemistry framework.

A key aspect of the research is how isotope signatures can be used as tracers of carbon and other elements and sediments in the environment (using IRMS, ICP-MS and FT-ICR-MS approaches). The research is focused on site at Wűstebach, Rollesbroich and Selhausen which are part of the Tereno Eifel/Lower Rhine Valley terrestrial observatory in Germany.

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Dr. Roland Bol
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