Synthesis of Model Systems and Development of Measuring Equipment


Johan Buitenhuis has a background in colloidal synthesis of latex, gold and especially silica (nano)particles, their surface modification and fluorescent labeling and the chemical modification of filamentous bacteriophages. Physical experiments are performed with the particles, often in cooperation with others, especially concerning the handling of the colloids which is sometimes critical. Future work will focus more on biological aspects, e.g. colloids might be used for instance as tracer particles or in diagnostics.

Hartmut Kriegs’ experience in designing specialized experimental, often optical setups, which are not commercially available, helps the group to operate and ever more adapt many unique measurement instruments. For instance, a heterodyne light scattering setup has been developed to study inhomogeneous flow profiles occurring especially for macromolecular systems in the gel- or glass-state. Another example is the infrared forced Rayleigh scattering instrument, that has been home-built to study temperature-gradient induced mass transport of biomacromolecules suspended in water.

Synthesis of Model Systems and Development of Measuring Equipment
Top: Electron micrographs of particles synthesized on demand. Bottom: Working principle and design of instrument and sample cell built in-house.

Research Topics

  • development of optical instruments
  • colloidal synthesis
  • light scattering

Group management

Dr. Johan BuitenhuisSenior scientistBuilding 04.6 / Room 103+49 2461/61-3146
Dr. Hartmut KriegsSenior scientistBuilding 04.6 / Room 56+49 2461/61-2359

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