Dr. Carsten Korte

Dr. Carsten Korte

Head of Physico-Chemical Laboratory

P.D. Dr. Carsten Korte - Head of the Department "Physicochemical Laboratory" at IEK-14. After studying chemistry, he obtained his Ph.D. in 1997 at the Technical University of Hannover at the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry in the group of Prof. H. Schmalzried. Funded by a DFG postdoctoral fellowship, he spent 1998/1999 at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota in the group of Prof. C. B. Carter. In early 2000, he worked as a research associate (C1) in the group of Prof. J. Janek at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, and received his habilitation in physical chemistry in 2009. His scientific work covers various fundamental oriented topics in the field of physical solid state chemistry, i.e. solid electrolytes, solid state reactions and electrochemistry. In 2010, he accepted his current position at IEK-14 and expanded his research activities into the area of liquid and polymeric ionic conductors. The focus is now on proton conducting membranes and ionic liquids, electrode kinetics in non-aqueous electrolytes, and charge transfer between solid and liquid electrolytes.

Adress & contact

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Phone: +49 2461 61-9035
Fax: +49 2461 61-6695
E-Mail: c.korte@fz-juelich.de

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