Join the upcoming DACS talk online on February 21, 2024

Seydehfatmeh Hosseini from KIT IMVT will talk about "Electro-swing direct air capture using switchable redox-active electrodes" on Wednesday, 21. February 10:00 AM.

Global warming is primarily driven by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, reducing CO2 emissions at point sources and employing Direct Air Capture (DAC) are crucial. DAC, a form of Negative Emission Technology, is designed to extract carbon dioxide directly from the air using specialized chemical systems or materials. In the presentation, Seyedehfatemeh Hosseini will introduce an electrochemical DAC system developed at IMVT KIT, which follows the electro-swing approach. This approach involves capturing and releasing substances, such as CO2, by changing the electrical charge of a solid electrode through variations in voltage. This system utilizes the affinity between redox-activity organic polymer components and CO2 molecules. In contrast to conventional chemisorption technologies that require adjustments in temperature or pH, this approach relies solely on electrochemical voltage for the efficient capture and release of CO2., which considerably reduces the required amount of energy. The system acts like a battery module, capturing and releasing CO2 by changing voltage to activate and deactivate the redox-active material in its electrodes. The presentation will delve into the synthesis, characterization, and testing of various adsorbent electrodes in the electro-swing DAC module, including their efficiency.

The event will be held online. Click here for further information and registration process.

Last Modified: 15.02.2024