Award for Jülich Fuel Cell Researcher

Scientists from the research center were presented with an "f-cell Award" at the "f-cell" trade fair in Stuttgart; they came second in the "Science" category. The prize, awarded with 1000 euros, was awarded to them for the development of robust direct methanol fuel cells in the kilowatt class - energy systems such as those used in a horizontal order picker also developed in Jülich at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research.

Direct methanol fuel cells convert the liquid fuel methanol directly into electricity. Scientists want to use them to help small electric drives achieve longer operating times and ranges. This is because, unlike batteries, DMFC systems do not have to be recharged in a comparatively costly and time-consuming manner. In February 2012, the Jülich researchers set a record: Their DMFC system was in operation for ten thousand hours.

The "f-cell Award" sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg rewards innovations in fuel cells with a total of 27,000 euros. This year, for the first time, it was awarded in three categories: Classic, Science and Start up. The competition is intended to reward new developments in fuel cells and to stimulate further innovations.

Preisträger "f-cell Award"
Preisträger "f-cell Award"
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