Solar TAP

A Technology Acceleration Platform for emerging Photovoltaics

Light, flexible, semitransparent and adaptable – The Solar TAP innovation platform develops innovative solutions for multi-benefit photovoltaic applications.

Solar TAP is a Helmholtz initiative with the goal to accelerate the deployment of multi-benefit photovoltaics based on emerging printed PV-Technologies like organic photovoltaics and perovskites.

Solar TAP wants to make existing surface areas in agriculture, construction and transportation usable for the expansion of solar energy through the use of printed solar cells. In this way, not „only“ green energy is generated, but in certain applications additional benefits are created resulting in a „multi-benefit“ for the respective application.

Together with a network of industrial partners, Solar TAP is further developing the necessary technologies and transferring the results along the entire value chain „lab-to-fab“ in order to quickly make these new PV solutions market-ready and accelerate the commercial use of the technologies.

Project partners:

Solar TAP is a cooperation of the leading Helmholtz Centers for photovoltaic research.
In Solar TAP the three Helmholtz centers:

  • Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Solar TAP encompasses

  • 3 Helmholtz Centers,
  • 9 major research infrastructures,
  • and more than 25 scientists.

are aligning their world class infrastructures in order to create the joint Technology Acceleration Platform and providing fast and simple access to laboratories, equipment and scientists through collaborative pre-financed projects.

Solar TAP
Solar TAP
Solar TAP


Last Modified: 22.03.2024