Excellent estimates

Excellent estimates
Anne Caroline Lange specializes in air quality and atmospheric chemistry modeling.
Forschungszentrum Jülich / Sascha Kreklau

Dirty air is a danger to health. The sources of the air pollutants are largely known, but how much the sources emit is only estimated. Researchers from Jülich have reviewed these estimates, thus also providing an important tool for identifying measures that improve air quality.

The diesel scandal, criticism aimed at measuring stations, lawsuits for exceeding limit values – the topic of air quality keeps causing a stir. Even so, the situation is improving. Pollution with particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), for example, has been decreasing for years. According to the German Environment Agency (UBA), 57 cities exceeded the NO2 limit in 2018, while in the following years this number fell to 25, then to 6 and finally to 3 in 2021 – which is possibly also due to the corona pandemic.

Last Modified: 26.10.2023