Mean-field Modeling and Theory

Mean-field Modeling and Theory

Copyright: Conceptual framework for scaling of neural network models (van Albada et al. PLoS Comput Biol 2015)

Mean-field models describing the average activity of populations of neurons provide a picture of brain dynamics complementary to network models resolving individual neurons and synapses. Such coarse-grained models can be analyzed more systematically due to their smaller number of parameters and higher speed with which the equations can be integrated. Furthermore, they can offer analytical approximations to spiking neural network dynamics. We use mean-field approaches to gain systematic insights into the links between the structure and dynamics of the brain, and to facilitate constraining large-scale spiking neural network models.


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Institute - internal contributors

  • Alexander van Meegen

  • Prof. Moritz Helias

Collaborators (external)

  • Prof. Peter Robinson, The University of Sydney, Australia



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