H2- Demonstration Projects

The H2 demonstration region is formed by a larger number (in the final stage 10-20) of innovative demonstrators for chemical hydrogen storage, which are distributed over the entire Rhenish mining area and demonstrate different technical characteristics, application scenarios and technological aspects of an infrastructure-compatible hydrogen economy at application-relevant scales.

From today's perspective, some processes for chemical hydrogen storage are already economically viable for large-scale use. However, the conversion plants that have been manufactured to date as individual units (with complex measurement technology for scientific monitoring, balancing and validation) are generally still too expensive to be able to implement the technology under the current framework conditions without funding

The H2 demonstration region offers a suitable framework for investigating plants of relevant sizes in real operation and further optimizing them on the basis of operating experience. In the H2 demonstration region, INW staff work closely with colleagues from other research units at Forschungszentrum Jülich. While the research activities of INW have a thematic focus on infrastructure-compatible hydrogen logistics, the demonstrator applications are typically linked to hydrogen production (in the case of injection) or to hydrogen utilization (in the case of withdrawal).

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Last Modified: 25.11.2022