David Kreitz

Course: Scientific Writing

David Kreitz works in writing pedagogy since 2009. He studied Sociology and American Studies at the Universities Göttingen and Boulder (CO, USA) and completed professional training on writing pedagogy at PH Freiburg. He has been teaching writing trainings in German and English at the Universities of Göttingen, Hannover, and Dresden, as well as for Graduate and Scholarship Programs. He is editor of “JoSch: Journal für Schreibwissenschaft” (JoWriS: Journal of Writing Studies) and on the editorial board of the book series “Theorie und Praxis der Schreibwissenschaft” (Theory and Practice of Writing Studies). His own publications center on empirical methods in writing studies, the history and professionalization of academic writing support in Germany, and the professional writing practice of expert researchers and academics.

Last Modified: 25.05.2022