Scientific Events

We participate actively to national and international scientific events, such as conferences, workshops, schools. This participation allows us to meet colleagues as well as beuild new connections and initiate new collabroations.

A list of major events that we have participated to, grouped by year, can be found below or using the navigation menu on the side.

Scientific events by year


From Foundations of Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology & Sensing (Quantum 2023)
11-15 Sep || Torino, Italy
Participants: Dr. Alessandro Ferreri, Dr. David Edward Bruschi

XXV SIGRAV Conference
04-08 Sep || Trieste, Italy
Participants: Dr. Alessandro Ferreri, Dr. David Edward Bruschi

DPG Spring Meeting "SMuK 2023"
20-24 Mar || Dresden, Germany
Participants: Dr. David Edward Bruschi

APS March Meeting
05-10 Mar || Las Vegas, United States of America
Participants: Ashutosh Mishra, Dr. Tobias Stollenwerk

DPG Spring Meeting "SAMOP 2023"
05-10 Mar || Hannover, Germany
Participants: Susanna Kirchhoff, Dr. Paul Lageyre, Dr. David Edward Bruschi

Coping with Errors in Scalable Quantum Computing Systems (778. WE-H-Seminar)
08-11 Jan || Bad Honnef, Germany
Participants: Lena Wagner, Nicolas Wittler, Alexander Simm, Tim Bode, Federico Roy, Dr. Daniel Zeuch, Dr. Alessandro Ciani, Dr. Tobias Stollenwerk, Prof. Dr. Frank Wilhelm-Mauch


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