Quantum Simulation Algorithms


The Quantum Simulations Algorithms group conducts a research on the intersection of many-body physics and quantum information science exploring an idea of simulating strongly correlated states of light and matter by means of digital quantum circuits. We test our new quantum algorithms using IBM quantum platforms and European quantum chips available via OpenSuperQPlus project.

Research Topics

  • 2D Hubbard model and quantum chemistry
  • Light-Matter interaction
  • Topological states of matter (non-Abelian anyons braiding, Floquet topological systems)
  • Quantum-classical optimization algorithms


Dr. Dmitry Bagrets


Building 02.18 / Room 2008



group members

Other Members and Long Term Visitors

External Students

  • Aditi Misra-Spieldenner
    PhD || Saarland University
  • Riccardo Roma
    PhD || Saarland University
  • Clemens Possel
    PhD || Fraunhofer ICT
  • Yannik Weber
    PhD || Saarland University
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