Best Poster Award for Marvin Marco Jansen

Nizza, 31. May 2019

Marvin Marco Jansen, a PhD student at the Peter Grünberg Institute 9 (PGI-9 Semiconductor Nanoelectronics), has won one of four poster awards at Symposium W (Semiconductor nanostructures towards electronic and opto-electronic device applications) at the spring meeting of the "European Material Research Society (EMRS)". The conference was held in Nice from May 27 to 31, 2019.

He was awarded for his poster "Growth and optical properties of GaAs/ZnSe core/shell nanowires". This poster presents the epitaxy of novel III/V-II/VI hybrid semiconductor nanowires with a GaAs core and a ZnSe sheath and presents their structural and optical properties. Micro-photoluminescence measurements on these structures proved efficient radiative recombination of excitons in the core of the nanowires. This confirms the great potential of these novel hybrid structures for application in future quantum devices, such as single photon sources with integrated optical waveguides. Finally, the poster presents first-experiments to fabricate phase-pure nanowires (i.e., with wurtzite crystal structure in the GaAs core) by dynamically adjusting the Ga flux during the epitaxy of the nanowires. Marvin Marco Jansen works in the "Epitaxy and Semiconductor Quantum Optics" group led by Alexander Pawlis. Other authors of the poster are T. Rieger, G. Schmidt, N. Demarina and D. Grützmacher at PGI-9, M. Luysberg, L. Kibkalo at ER-C-1, and E. Neumann at HNF.

Best poster award for Marvin Marco Jansen
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