Stefan Tautz

The physicist is searching for materials for future quantum computers. He uses special equipment to assemble promising candidates atom by atom.

Stefan Tautz (Forschungszentrum Jülich/Sascha Kreklau)
Stefan Tautz
Forschungszentrum Jülich/Sascha Kreklau

Pushing molecules around

Prof. Stefan Tautz researches nanostructures on the surface of materials. His goal is to find tailor-made molecular structures with which quantum states can be generated. To do so, he selectively manipulates structures by removing, displacing, or rearranging individual molecules using scanning probe microscopes. He then investigates whether the developed quantum materials and their properties could actually be used as model components. Artificial intelligence also comes into play here.

“Nobody builds a quantum computer all by themselves. It involves countless professionals with a variety of skills and academic backgrounds. Jülich offers the best conditions for this."
Stefan Tautz

Unique instrument developed

However, Tautz and his team are not only looking for suitable materials, they are also developing special instruments to investigate the properties of quantum materials. They developed a unique scanning tunnelling microscope that, thanks to magnetic cooling, works without any moving parts and is almost vibration-free at extremely low temperatures as low as 30 millikelvin.

The experimental physicist is also closely associated with the Helmholtz Quantum Center (HQC), which is being established at Jülich and will allow all aspects of quantum computing to be investigated. Tautz, who earned his doctoral and master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge, is representing the scientists during the start-up phase of the HQC.

Der Experimentalphysiker ist außerdem eng verbunden mit dem Helmholtz Quantum Center (HQC), das in Jülich aufgebaut wird und in dem alle Aspekte des Quantencomputings erforscht werden. Stefan Tautz, der Promotion und Master an der University of Cambridge erworben hat, vertritt die Wissenschaftler:innen während der Aufbauphase des HQC.

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