SuFIDA - Disruptive Digital Diagnostics

Helmholtz Innovation Lab

SuFIDA (surfaced-based fluorescence immuno digital assay)

The answer for low-abundant analytes that were previously not accessible to quantitative analysis using conventional methods.

The SuFIDA Innovation Lab develops digital assays for low-abundance targets with highly specific single-molecule sensitivity. This allows for better detection of difficult-to-diagnose diseases, enabling more accurate diagnosis. For this purpose, the Innovation Lab is developing standardized digital assays using SuFIDA technology and has pipetting robots and automated "high-end" microscopes from Leica, Zeiss and Cytiva.In cooperation with partners from academia and industry, ideas are implemented in joint development projects. Furthermore, assay for, among others, medically highly relevant biomarkers and analytes are developed upon customer request. The Innovation Lab covers almost the entire innovation process from exploratory development to validation.The Innovation Lab's competencies include assay development, digital assay technology, microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and data analysis.

SuFIDA Innovation Lab

The SuFIDA Innovation Lab is a development playground that provides the infrastructure (pipetting robot and automated "high content" microscope) and expertise for assay development."The Helmholtz Innovation Labs are physical places where scientific expertise and the needs of industry and its customers are iteratively brought together. In the long term, "enabling spaces" are created here, in which ideas can be tested with corporate partners in joint development projects. (Helmholtz)

SuFIDA - Disruptive Digital Diagnostics

Last Modified: 18.06.2024