Kanada – Mitacs Globalink Research Award for Doctoral Researchers and PostDocsThematic Call 2022

30 September 2022

In the framework of the agreement between Forschungszentrum Jülich and Mitacs Inc. (national non-profit research organisation in Canada) with the declared aim of furthering cooperation between Germany and Canada by promoting research collaborations, the next Thematic Call has been published.

In the programmes with Mitacs, stays of 10 Jülich doctoral researchers or postdocs in Canada and 10 Canadian doctoral researchers or postdocs from participating Canadian universities in Jülich can be funded per year. You have the option of combining stays by more than one person. The respective duration is 12 - 24 weeks (depending on the research project). 

In the current Thematic Call, applications can be submitted from the following research areas: 

1. Advanced computing

  • Quantum technologies and 
  • Artificial intelligence 

2. Clean technologies 

3. Global Health

4. Open theme for social and scientific innovation which encourages application submissions across all academic disciplines.

Funding: The research stays are funded through prize money amounting to Canadian Dollars 6,000 (€ 4458) per research prize to cover the costs of flights, accommodation, and health insuracnce. Funding:

There are no problems regarding tax and social security contributions for research stays in Canada, since they have a duration of less than 183 days. This information comes from Thomas Engels (P-VA), who is happy to provide you with any further information you require (t.engels@fz-juelich.de).

The organizational unit of the person undertaking the research stay decides whether or not to pay for their daily alllowances as part of travel costs. You can receive further information in this regard from Kerstin Oberließen (P-VN, k.oberliessen@fz-jueich.de).

On the website Mitacs Globalink Research Award you will find all information on the eligibility criteria and the application procedure. Important info are:

  • Open to all universities in Canada
  • Application package available online via a web form (section “How to apply”)
  • Submission to Mitacs via local Mitacs representative
  • Multiple students/researchers per application: up to 5 in either direction.

If your research area isn’t in the list of topics, then contact Gabriele Weiland (g.weiland@fz-juelich.de) and we will check your eligibility for funding with Mitacs.

If you have a project idea but no contact to a Canadian scientist yet, then please use the attached form and send it to Gabriele Weiland (g.weiland@fz-juelich.de). Mitacs supports us in the selection of a possible Canadian cooperation partner.

Submission of applications: Applications should be sent to Gabriele Weiland (g.weiland@fz-juelich.de) by 07.11.2022 before they can be submitted until 25.11.2022

Application form 


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