ZB Second-Hand Book Sales 2019 – Donations Presented

13 January 2020

We would like to warmly thank everyone who donated or bought books during our second-hand book sales.

Between the 2018 second-hand book sale at Christmas and our Open Day in June 2019, a total of € 109,60 was donated and presented to the Kleine Füchse daycare centre.
Verein Kleine Füchse – Kindertagesstätte (in German)

The second-hand book sale on Open Day 2019 raised € 909,16 for the family charity "Kleine Hände".
Kleine Hände e.V. – News (in German)

From the book sale in the summer holidays up to and including the Christmas second-hand book sale in 2019, users and visitors to ZB donated € 336.
As every year, the money was handed over to the Donate Your Cents campaign – which last year sponsored “STEP”, a network and information portal for rare tumour types in children and young adults.
FZJ Press Release – Small Change, Big Help – Pooling Our Pennies (16.12.2019)

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