Open Access Monitor (OAM)

A project to establish and operate a national Open Access Monitors funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


The Open Access Monitor .records the publication output of German academic institutions in scientific journals. Through analyses of subscription fees and (open access) publication fees, the transition of the publishing system towards an open access system is monitored and supported
For this purpose, data from existing projects are collated within expanded databases, made available to users in a hierarchical interface, and disseminated by means of scientific publications..

With the “OAM – Open Access Monitoring” project (FKZ 16OAMO001), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the further development and operation of the open access monitor for Germany (OAM) by the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich from 1 September 2020 until 31 August 2023. The open access monitor was initially established and funded within the scope of a BMBF ideas competition in support of the free flow of information within the scientific community in the „Synergies for open access – open access monitoring – SynOA” project (FKZ 16OA018).

Project implementation

Further development and operation of the open access monitor
In addition to the further technical development of the database and the user interface, the OAM project will integrate additional data sources for publication data, which will serve as a comprehensive database for in-depth and comparative analyses. Along with the connection to Dimensions that has already been implemented, the data from Web of Science will be integrated and, as a consequence, the entire OAM database structure will be converted. In future, the source Unpaywall will function as the central data basis on to which all other sources will be mapped.
To observe the shift in payment flows in the changing publication market, further data sources concerning subscriptions to scientific journals and subscription payments will be integrated. The integration of LAS:eR has already been initiated and will be completed soon. Moreover, interfaces will be created to connect the Alma and Folio systems.

Data analyses to support transformation negotiations
The institutions using the OAM are advised with regard to analysing data and technically integrating the OAM into their own applications. Small and medium-sized publishers from German-speaking countries are supported in the negotiation of transformation contracts with data from the OAM.

Scientific studies
A number of scientific issues are addressed in studies. For example, they investigate the impact of open access on scientific networks and the role of open access in the field of monographs.

Cooperation with OA2020-DE
The OAM cooperates with the national open access contact point OA2020-DE (NOAK), which acts within the framework of the international initiative OA2020 and is funded by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany until 31 July 2021. In this context, standardized publication reports have already been created from the OAM and publication data for contract negotiations at the national level have been supplied to several chief negotiators. In addition, evaluations were prepared for parties to the DEAL contract with Wiley and Springer Nature and data material was made available for publications and lectures.

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Contact and website

Project leader:
Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier
+49 2461 61-5368
Head of the Central Library

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