Key topics

Research and development today require the use of technically complex test facilities, expensive laboratory equipment and complicated measuring methods. These are rarely available "off the shelf". ZEA-1 develops and manufactures scientific and technical equipment, systems and processes that are required for cutting-edge research and are not available on the market. For more than 40 years, we have been enabling top performance in science with unique instruments and processes.

Combination of complex technologies & experts as the basis for our Meisterstücke.

We stand behind Made in Jülich and design, engineer and manufacture Jülich Meisterstücke.

We develop and manufacture these unique pieces with and for our partners. Almost every component and device that leaves ZEA-1 is unique in its own way and fulfils many requirements precisely, for example in terms of measurement technology, data processing, production or safety. Our competent teams, made up of employees from many different specialisms, are keen to take on new challenges.

By providing interdisciplinary, turnkey solutions - from the idea to the product - we have been enabling excellence in science for more than 40 years.

One of ZEA-1's strengths lies in combining competences with the many years of expertise of its employees. This enables us to turn ideas into products and research results from cutting-edge research. This is where our key competences come from.

Last Modified: 14.11.2023