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Coordination and Infrastructure (ER-C-KI)

The Coordination and Infrastructure division (ER-C-KI) handles general administration, management and infrastructure issues originating from the operation of the ER-C as a combined research laboratory and national users centre. It operates the ER-C office and is the first point of contact for business and research partners as well as guest researchers when it comes to the processing of organisational tasks and the administrative guidance of research projects.

Operations include the co-ordination of procurement transactions and building measures, the maintenance of equipment, the scheduling of operations, the management of internal and external construction and third party funding projects as well as safety and radiation protection issues.

Staff Directory

Please see the ER-C-KI staff directory for an overview on the scope of duties and contact information of individual ER-C-KI staff.

Forms and Templates

Please click on this link in order to download ER-C and Forschungszentrum-specific forms and templates as well as operation manuals and datasheets.

Operational Safety and Accident Prevention

In compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, all users of ER-C resources are obliged to participate in a briefing procedure regarding accident prevention on an operational level before making use of any ER-C instruments. Regulations concerning accident prevention, as well as industrial safety and instruction sheets are to be adhered to at all times.