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CONCERT – European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research (Koordinator: Dr. T. Jung, Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS)

Gefördert durch: EU / Horizon 2020 - 27,5 Mio. €

Laufzeit: 2015 bis 2020

Verantwortlicher Projektleiter: Dr. R. Kriehuber / FZ Jülich - Linked-Third-Party HMGU


The ‘CONCERT-European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research’ under Horizon 2020 is operating as an umbrella structure for the research initiatives jointly launched by the radiation protection research platforms MELODI, ALLIANCE, NERIS and EURADOS. Based on the platform SRAs and joint programming, CONCERT will develop research priorities, align them with priorities from participating Member States and will seek further input from society and stakeholders. It will reach out to engage the wider scientific community in its projects, aiming to answer the needs in radiation protection for the public, occupationally exposed people, patients in medicine, and the environment. To reach its goals, CONCERT has seven Work Packages each of which will focus on each of the key directions. The WP’s are already established.
Within CONCERT two major open RTD calls have been launched; the first one in spring 2016 and the other one in spring 2017. Research groups from all over Europe had the opportunity to join in research consortia and submit proposals.

Kontakt: Dr. Ralf Kriehuber