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Helmholtz Graduate School HITEC

Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate Research

What is HITEC?

HITEC is a Helmholtz Graduate School of Forschungszentrum Jülich and the five partner universities Aachen, Bochum, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Wuppertal focusing on energy and climate research. The aim of the Graduate School is to provide PhD students with the expertise and the methodological and communication skills necessary for scientific work on the highest international level. Furthermore, well-founded cross-cutting know-how will be imparted on the scientific, technical and social dimensions of the topic of energy and climate, such as the complex relations between the energy supply and its impact on climate change. HITEC stands for Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training in Energy and Climate.

HITEC Training Programme

HITEC offers graduates from Germany and abroad a framework in which they can qualify themselves for competitive positions in science or industry. HITEC graduates are attractive to employers. Joint lectures and practical training for PhD students from various fields provide them with experience in a wide range of topics and methods, including an efficient scientific infrastructure. PhD students organize cross-cutting events on their own responsibility, enabling them to experience the scientific and technical challenges of their field and thus not only to increase the sum of scientific knowledge but also to expand the horizons of their own intellectual abilities. Particular significance is attached to a good supervision concept, which also envisages further training for supervisors. This includes visits to external mentors at international research institutions or in industry, enabling the PhD students to learn how to place their own research in an international or application-relevant context. Training in career skills rounds off the three-year PhD period. The doctoral degree is conferred by one of the participating universities. Successful particpants in the HITEC programme receive a certificate.

Who can become a HITEC student?

HITEC is open to graduates with a master's degree or equivalent in science or engineering, and, for certain topics, with a degree in the human sciences. From 1 October 2011, all PhD students accepted by the Jülich Institute of Energy and Climate Research are automatically enrolled in the HITEC programme. The partner universities also send PhD students to the HITEC Graduate School. Altogether, HITEC will comprise about 200 PhD students. PhD students at IEK or the partner universities who started work on their theses before 1 October 2011 can participate in selected aspects of the HITEC programme.

HITEC Research

The range of topics at HITEC reflects the research areas at the Jülich Institute of Energy and Climate Research and its university partners: energy technology, development of technological solutions for issues of renewable, fossil and nuclear energy research as well as atmospheric research. A detailed breakdown of the research areas is as follows: material structure, materials properties, materials synthesis and manufacturing processes (Jülich, RWTH Aachen University, University of Bochum); photovoltaics (Jülich, RWTH Aachen University); safety research and reactor technology (Jülich, RWTH Aachen University); plasma physics (Jülich, University of Bochum, University of Düsseldorf); atmospheric research (Jülich, University of Wuppertal, University of Cologne); systems research/energy economy, energy industry (Jülich, RWTH Aachen University).

You will find more information in the leaflet  HITEC Compact (PDF, 68 kB)

Participating Institution

Forschungszentrum Jülich
Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK)

RWTH Aachen University

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty of Geo-Ressources and Materials Technology

School of Business and Economics

Bochum University

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Cologne University

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Düsseldorf University

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Wuppertal University

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Rau
Institute for Energy and Climate Research (IEK-5)
Tel. +49 2461 61-1554

Managing Director
Dr. Maurice Nuys
Tel. +49 2461 61-9733

Marianne Feldmann
Tel. +49 2461 61-1595

Saskia Nieke
Tel. +49 2461 61-8811