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Lecture Safety

According to the Work Safety Ordinance and because we think that everyone should familiarize themselves with the safety in the building,you must complete an online safety test in the HNF. You will receive the access data for the security test from the HNF office. The test is based on the lecture HNF Beginners, which you can also find in the download area. You can use it to answer all your questions. You can repeat the test until you have passed it.

After passing the test, the online security system shows you a form, the Online Safety Instruction Certificate (OSIC). Please print this out and sign it. You send the signed OSIC in the original to the HNF or hand it in at the HNF office in the Orignial. If it must go fast we accept scans of the OSIC up to the presentation of the original.

You will receive a security clearance for one year, after which you will be asked to repeat the test.