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Photo Dr. Anna Sieben

Dr. Anna Sieben

Head of the division pedestrian dynamics - social psychology

Social dynamics in large crowds and subjective experiences of participants in crowds are at the center of my research at the IAS-7. Trained as a psychologist and a sociologist, I combine quantitative, experimental methods with more qualitative approaches such as field observations and interview studies. Research questions include:

  • How do participants in a crowd influence each other? Is pushing behavior spread in a crowd?
  • How is density in a crowd experienced? Which factors moderate the relationship between density and comfort?
  • How is perception of others – for example emotional expressions, communicative signs – changed in large crowds?

Curiosity in interdisciplinary work with physicists and computer scientists and the fascinating topic of crowds has moved me to the Forschungszentrum Jülich recently. Since 2020, I am establishing the new division „pedestrian dynamics - social psychology“. At the same time, I am staying connected with the faculty of social science at the RUB where I am working, among others, on parenting in Germany and Turkey.

Currently, I am leading three research projects as PI:

  • CrowdDNA. Technologies for Computer Assisted Crowd Management (parental leave replacement for Dr. Juliane Adrian) (2020-2024), EU, FZJ more...
  • CroMa. Crowd-Management in Traffic Infrastructures (2018-2022), BMBF, RUB more...
  • Cultural Transformations and Popular Scientific Adaptations of Psychological Knowledge by Parents in Turkey. A Qualitative Study (2019-2022), DFG, RUB more...

Teaching: I am teaching and supervising students at the faculty of social science, RUB, covering the areas of cultural and social psychology, cultural and social theory, qualitative and quantitative methods, crowd psychology.


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Institute for Advanced Simulation
Civil Safety Research (IAS-7)
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Phone: +49 2461 61-96554