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1st Summer School on Fire Dynamics Modeling 2017

Group Photo Summer SchoolParticipants, lecturers and local organisation team.

Over the last decades, modeling of fires became very popular in fire safety engineering and science. As the models evolve, they become more complex and therefore make it harder to understand the underlying principles as well as their application limits. This summer school is intended to educate students and researchers on the underlying theory and algorithms of fire modeling. The theoretical part is accompanied by practical exercises (mostly with FDS) with focus on the discussed models. Besides the presentation of models, scientific pre- and post-processing as well as validation methods are part of the agenda.

This school not only targets learning more about the underlying numerical models in common fire simulation software, like FDS, but also enables the participants to get in touch with model developers one on one. Since special emphasis is put on scientific work, the participants should have at least a Master’s degree in a suitable topic and a sound background in mathematics.

Next Summer School

It is intended to organize the next summer school in summer 2019.


  • Date: 7. – 11. August 2017
  • Venue: Jülich Supercomputing Centre (Germany).
  • The school will be free of charge for the participants and their number is limited to approximately 30 persons.
  • Travel and accommodation costs have to be covered by the participants themselves.

Lecturers and Schedule

Lecturer team:

  • Simo Hostikka
  • Bjarne Husted
  • Susanne Kilian
  • Randall McDermott
  • Kevin McGrattan
  • Lukas Arnold

Monday, 07.08.2017

Arrival and Registration of Participants

 Teaching Material 00: General (zip, 7 MB)

Afternoon I

Welcome / History of Fire Modeling and FDS

 Teaching Material 01: History of Modelling (zip, 98 MB)

Afternoon II

Getting Started with FDS and Python

 Teaching Material 02: Setup (zip, 915 kB)

Tuesday, 08.08.2017

Computational Fluid Dynamics

 Teaching Material 03: CFD (zip, 1 MB)


Low-Mach Flows / Velocity Divergence / Pressure Equation

Running FDS on HPC Systems + Pressure Solver

 Teaching Material 04: Pressure (zip, 4 MB)

Wednesday, 09.08.2017


 Teaching Material 05: Turbulence (zip, 29 MB)



 Teaching Material 06: Combustion (zip, 18 MB)

Thursday, 10.08.2017

Thermal Radiation

 Teaching Material 07: Thermal Radiation (zip, 2 MB)



 Teaching Material 08: Pyrolysis (zip, 149 MB)

Friday, 11.08.2017


 Teaching Material 09: Tools (zip, 7 MB)

Note on virtual machine

During the summer school we used a Linux based virtual machine, where all excercises are compatible with. If you would like to use it, please contact us and we will individually provide it.


Fire Dynamics Group at Jülich: