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Research Topics


Finite temperature and density QCD

We study strongly interacting matter at finite temperatures and densities using simulations of Lattice QCD. One topic of our research concernes the transition between the high temperature quark-gluon plasma phase of matter to the present hadronic phase. Other topics include:

  • the temperature scale of the transition
  • fluctuations of conserved charges as seen in collider experiments
  • the equation of state of QCD
  • the phase diagram of QCD


Here, we calculate properties of hadronic matter at vanishing temperature and densities, such as

  • the spectrum of the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics
  • SM parameters, such as quark masses
  • matrix elements
  • nucleon structure
  • multi-nucleon systems

One of our long term goals is to understand how QCD computations can contribute to nuclear physics.

Computational Science

Exascale computing

We are involved with the EIC and the ECL at JSC with the aim to analyze future HPC architectures, with particular emphasis on their suitability for Lattice QCD simulations.


In this SFB we are involved in Project B3, which aims to find algorithms for Lattice QCD and to provide the software implementation that can make use of future architectures. Also here, our perspective is Exascale computing.