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Application Projects

CEC project

JSC is partner in a joint research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the Siemens AG. The aim of the project is to develop new combustion technologies for climate-friendly power generation. The focus is on modern gas turbine technology, which plays an important role in the present transformation of the energy system into a sustainable system based on renewable energy sources. The validation of the gas turbine combustion technologies will be carried out in a new test centre known as the "Clean Energy Center" (CEC).

The CST team will provide an implementation of the open source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM for the Blue Gene/Q architecture in cooperation with the Simlab FSE. The task will be to reduce performance and scaling bottelnecks in OpenFOAM to enable large simulations on JUQUEEN, in particular to model a complete annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine.

Earthquake Safety Analysis of the Second Bosphorus Bridge

The behaviour of real-life structures in disastrous situations is of great interest. One important question in this regard is the earthquake safety of buildings, infrastructures etc. The calculation of the behaviour of a huge infrastructure like the Second Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul during an earthquake is a challenging task, because such a simulation by means of large scale FEM calculations requires

  • a high resolution FEM model of the structure
  • knowledge of typical earthquake loads
  • access to supercomputer ressources

In cooperation with the Bogazici University, Istanbul, and the FH Aachen the Second Bosphorus Bridge will be investigated and its earthquake safety will be numerically evaluated.