Navigation and service


HDF Cloud resources are available to users of the JSC HPC systems as well as users within the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF). Depending on the channel through which you received the resources, you will have to authenticate either using the Helmholtz AAI or JSC’s LDAP server.

If you have been granted access directly at JSC, then please use the JSC Web LDAP login. The credentials are the ones you know from JuDoor. The "HDFCloud" must be among your enabled services in JuDoor in order to participate in this service. Please go to JuDoor → Connected Services → Make changes in order to enable your account for this.

HDF Cloud Login with JUDOOR Credentials

Please always use the JuDoor domain with Keystone credentials.

If you have been granted resources through a federation, such as HDF, then please authenticate using appropriate selection.

HDF Cloud Login via HDF AAI

When signing in, you will be forwarded to the central Helhmoltz identity provider (IdP), which in turn will take you to your home organization’s IdP. Please use your home organization’s credentials at your home organization's IdP to eventually authenticate to the cloud resources.