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Reporting Obligations for Regular GCS/NIC and ESM Projects

A status report or final report, respectively, is necessary, if you apply for a continuation of a previous project or if you have completed a previous project. It must be uploaded as a separate PDF-file in the online application form and should contain the following information:

  • The concrete results which were obtained in the last computing period.
  • Statements about the use of the computer in your project with respect to performance, scaling behaviour, main storage requirements and disk storage requirements.
  • Articles which were published in peer reviewed journals in this time (no conference contributions or posters).
  • Ph.D. theses which were completed within the project (please give name of the author and the subject of the thesis).
  • Attractive colour pictures which were created in your project to present your results, which can be interesting for a general public. We would ask your permission to use these pictures in publications about GCS, NIC or JSC.

On-going projects

Status Report
This report must be submitted after twelve months counting from the start date of the last allocation period of the project in case the project applies for a continuation or extension. The status report should not exceed a maximum of 10 pages and must be uploaded together with the application for a project extension/continuation as a separate file and should cover the last twelve months of the project. For details about form and content of the report, please see templates below.

Completed Projects

Final Report
This report is not allowed to exceed a maximum of 18 pages and must be submitted when a project is finished. It should focus on the scientific and technical outcome. Moreover, it should explain, how the granted computing time was spend within the project. The report is due four weeks after the end of the allocation period. Form and content of the reports are similar to the status reports (please see templates below). Please send the final report in electronical form to the

Coordination Office for the Allocation of Computing Time
Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Forschungszentrum Jülich
52425 Jülich


Templates for the Status Report/Final Report:

 Template for the Status/Final Report (PDF, 55 kB)
 Template for the Status/Final Report (docx, 25 kB)
 Template for the Status/Final Report as a Tex file (FileTypex-tar, 26 kB)