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Juelich Dedicated GPU Environment (JuDGE)

After more than four years of successful operation JUDGE/Milkyway is approaching its end of life.

JUDGE/Milkyway will be finally shut down at

Friday 30-Oct-2015, 08:00 a.m. CET

Access to the user data of the JUDGE/Milkyway cluster is granted at least until end of 2015

via the Juelich Data Access Server JUDAC.

Please use JUDAC for data transfers exclusively.

30.10.2015JUDGE will be decomissioned
5.7.2012Intergration of the Milkyway part, upgrade to 206 nodes
30.11.2011JUDGE upgrade to 122 nodes
25.7.2011Moab 6.1 in Production
15.2.2011Start Production
January 2011Configuration, Cluster Setup, Software Installation
November 2010Hardware Installtion