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JuRoPA - Jülich Research on Petaflop Architectures
HPC-FF - High Performance Computing for Fusion

Supercomputer JUROPAJUROPA


The JUROPA system is decommissioned as of 2015-06-24. Please use the successor system JURECA. Farewell, JUROPA!

Important information for all JUROPA users: Please carefully read the information concerning migration of data for the upcoming successor of the JUROPA system.


2015-06-24JUROPA is decomissioned and demolished.
2015-04Installation of first phase of the JUROPA successor system (JURECA) begins.
2014-05-20Access to HPC-FF login nodes and data ceases.
2013-06-30Operation of the HPC-FF partition ceases. HPC-FF batch jobs can no longer be submitted. Access to HPC-FF data is still possible through login node hpcff (hpcff01) and GPFS login nodes juropagpfs (juropagpfs01-juropagpfs05).
2012-12-14ITM Gateway at Portici abandons its services. AFS and Kerberos services on the HPC-FF Login nodes will be shut down.
2012-12-04GPFS upgraded to version on all GPFS Login nodes.
SW package vorpal updated.
2012-11-29Infiniband HW repair.
Infiniband performance tests.
SW packages namd, cp2k, lammps, netcdf updated.
2012-11-26Workaround for Moab problem with off-line nodes implemented.
2012-11-23SW package ansys updated.
2012-11-20Maximum job size increased to 513 nodes on HPC-FF partition in order to allow for master/slave applications with 512 clients.
2012-11-15Infiniband HW repair.
Infiniband performance tests.
Lustre fix vm.zone_reclaim_mode=0 applied to all Lustre servers.
SW package UNITE updated.
2012-11-09SW package cmake installed.
2012-10-19SW package szip installed.
2012-10-18Infiniband HW repair.
ParaStation psmom upgraded to version 2.5.10-13.
Lustre ACLs for /jhome[20-24] configured.
SW packages ADF, forcheck, hdf5 updated.
2012-10-08SW packages ultrascan3, qt4 installed.
2012-10-04File system /tmp migrated from XFS to ext3 on all compute nodes.
SW package hdf5 updated.
2012-09-21SW package mencoder installed.
2012-09-20Infiniband HW repair.
SW packages arpack, fftw, gmp, gsl, hypre, mumps, sprng, hdf5, gnuplot, ParMetis, UNITE updated.
ParaStation psmom downgraded to version 2.5.10-9.
2012-09-05Maintenance of cold water suppies.
ParaStation pshealthcheck upgraded to version 5.0.33-1.
ParaStation pscluster upgraded to version 5.0.45-4 (incl. SIS 4.1.99).
SW packages hdf5, netcdf, gmp, hypre, sundials updated.
2012-08-23Infiniband HW repair.
SW packages updated: gnuplot, netcdf, cdo, nco, vmd, forcheck, ddt, hdf5.
2012-08-09HPCFF: new class bench_hpcff enabled Mon - Fri 18:00 - 05:00 and during weekends.
SW package vorpal updated (bug fix).
2012-08-08EMC CX4-240 two disks replaced.
2012-07-25ParaStation SW upgraded to psmgmt 5.0.39-4 and psmom 2.5.10-9.
2012-07-16Automatic update of Globus certificates implemented.
2012-07-12ParaStation healthcheck updated to version 5.0.28.
SW packages idl, gcc updated.
2012-07-09SW package vorpal updated.
2012-07-05adsmback and q_dataquota updated.
SW packages curl, hdf5, netcdf, cdo, nco updated.
2012-07-04python-lxml installed on Login nodes.
2012-06-28SW packages turbomol, boost, TotalView updated.
TSM client software upgraded to version on GPFS nodes.
2012-06-21Kernel modules on HPC-FF Login nodes updated to match AFS requirements.
2012-06-15SW package ThreadSpotter updated.
2012-06-14Storage controller EMC2 firmware upgrade.
DDN storage controller replacement.
2012-05-31Batch workload manager Moab upgraded to version 6.1.7.
SW packages UNITE, amber, gromacs, cpmd upgraded.
SW package pde2d removed.
28 user groups moved to new Lustre home locations.
Infiniband HW repair.
2012-05-25Software package vorpal installed.
2012-05-03Software packages PETSc and UNITE updated.
Environment variable $TMPDIR corrected on compute nodes.
2012-04-19Software packages PETSc, ParMetis, hypre updated.
2012-04-17Software packages coarray-g95 (Fortran 95 extension) and berkeley_upc (C extension) installed.
2012-04-05Software packages ADF, jumel, gromacs updated.
2012-03-22ParaStation MPI updated to version psmpi 2 5.0.27-1.
ParaStation healthcheck updated to version 5.0.24-1.
ParaStation process management updated to version psmgmt 5.0.38-0.
Sun compute blade BIOS parameters optimized (better memory performance expected).
Firmware update on subnet manager node 01.
Infiniband hardware repair (line card M9-1 switch, Jumper cables).
Infiniband firmware update on M9 switches.
Software packages nag, nagc, nagfl90, ADF updated.
2012-03-08Software packages autotools, ADF, pde2d installed/updated.
Infiniband HW repair.
LDAP schema extended.
Torque batch resource manager updated to version 2.5.10-1.
2012-03-01Compute time quota will no longer be specified in contingent
units (KE), but in core hours.
2012-02-29Software packages fdepend, f90depend and adios installed to /usr/local.
2012-02-23ParaStation psmgmt upgraded to version 5.0.37-0.
psmom upgraded to version to 5.2.10-2.
pscom upgraded to 5.0.37-1.
CMM firmware upgraded to version
Subnetmanager 02 service processor firmware upgraded to version:
Subnetmanager 02 BIOS upgraded to version 7060302.
M9-1 switch firmware upgraded to version 0.1.5 (H8-FW).
Software packages UNITE and namd updated.
2012-02-09Software packages UNITE and PETSc updated.
Software package valgrind installed.
Infiniband HW repair.
Lustre OSS server HW repair.
2012-01-26psmom daemon for Torque resource manager upgraded to version 5.2.9-50.
Software packages totalview, intel, UNITE, jumel upgraded.
Infiniband HW repair.
2012-01-17GPFS upgraded to version
2012-01-12SW packages fftw, cpmd, OpenFOAM updated.
DDN storage enclosure firmware upgraded to version C03.010, storage controllers upgraded to firmware version 1.4.2.
psmom daemon for Torque resource manager upgraded to version 5.2.9-46.
Lustre patches for version 1.8.4 extended to all OSS and MDS server nodes.
2012-01-06Automatic release of jobs that erroneously got into BatchHold state.
2011-12-23Lustre version 1.8.4 patched against OSS server kernel panic bug (BZ 21804).
2011-12-21Unicore file transfer uftp installed on GPFS node 01.
2011-12-14GPFS nodes 04 and 05 upgraded to 1066 MHz memory (192 GB each).
2011-12-12Cluster management SW upgraded to version psmom-5.2.9-45, psmgmt-5.0.35-1.
SW package cp2k upgraded to version 2.2.426 (/usr/local).
2011-12-01GPFS upgraded to version on all GPFS nodes.
SW package UNITE updated (/usr/local).
Torque pbs_mom daemons replaced by psmom-5.2.9-42.
Oracle disk firmware updated (slow disk problem).
Oracle QNEM firmware updated (Jumper cable problem).
Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre
2011-11-22SW package fftw updated
2011-11-21JUROPA/HPC-FF Web documentation ported to new Content Management System.
2011-11-17SFA10000 storage devices re-cabled for more redundancy on power interrupts.
SW packages fftw, NWChem, lammps updated (/usr/local).
2011-11-14Robinhood Lustre management tool updated to version 2.3.1-1.lustre1.8
SW package git installed (/usr/local).
2011-11-08PRACE partner site CINES added to network configuration.
2011-11-03Infiniband links enabled after hardware repair.
Ethernet switch for rack 18 replaced.
SW package intel updated (compiler version
SW package gcc updated (version 4.6.2).
SW package cdo updated (version 1.5.3).
Lustre home file systems moved to new place (groups: hfr07, hhb03, hhb07, hmz07, hpo08, iff, jiff13, jiff38, jiff40, jikp03, jipp01, jisb32, jjsc01, jzam11, pra010).
2011-10-20Clean-up procedure for regular file deletion in /lustre/jwork upgraded (implementation via Robinhood utility for better performance and functionality).
SW package intel updated (compiler version 12.1.0).
SW package Python updated (version 2.7.2).
SW package comsol updated (version
Infiniband HW repair (60 tickets).
Storage HW failure analysis (data loss after power outage).
2011-10-18ParaStation pshealthcheck upgraded to 5.0.21.
2011-10-06SW package cdo installed (/usr/local).
2011-09-15Maximum number of nodes per job increased from 512 to 1024 (Juropa JSC only; HPC-FF remains as is).
2011-09-09SW package forcheck upgraded.
2011-09-07Switch back to Torque pbs_mom daemons.
2011-09-06SW packages UNITE and NWChem upgraded.
Torque pbs_mom daemons replaced by psmom-5.2.9-38.
2011-09-02SW package NWChem upgraded.
2011-08-31SW package gnuplot upgraded.
2011-08-30ParaStation process management upgraded to version psmgmt-5.0.35-0.
Switch back to Torque pbs_mom daemons.
Software package UNITE reinstalled.
2011-08-26SW package UNITE upgraded.
2011-08-25ParaStation cluster management upgraded to psmgmt 5.0.34-5.
GPFS nodes upgraded to GPFS version
Torque pbs_mom daemons replaced by psmom-5.2.9-32.
SW packages updated: gcc, totalview, gromacs, UNITE.
2011-08-17GPFS nodes juropagpfs04 and juropagpfs05 extended to 192 GB of main memory each.
2011-08-16SW package mxml installed (/usr/local).
2011-08-11SW packages updated: intel, UNITE.
2011-08-08SW package gcc updated (/usr/local).
2011-07-28ParaStation cluster management upgraded to psmgmt 5.0.34-0.
MPI default switched to version parastation/mpi2-intel-5.0.26-1.
Legacy alias names for old MPI versions removed (parastation/intel, /intel-mt, /gcc, /gcc-mt).
Moab submission filter fixed: missing ppn= option caused error message.
Early tests of ParaStation mom daemons psmom-5.2.9-28.
Software packages updated: gsl, fftw, hypre, ADF,amber,cp2k, namd.
bash.bashrc: option --color=auto removed from LS_OPTIONS.
2011-07-21SW package tremolo-x-v1.6 installed in /usr/local.
2011-07-14ParaStation healthcheck upgraded to version 5.0.20-1.
ParaStation cluster management upgraded to psmgmt 5.0.33-1.
SW package PETSc upgraded in /usr/local.
New MPI version psmpi2 5.0.26-1 installed in /usr/local/parastation.
File quota limits for Lustre file systems jhome and jwork enabled (file size and number of files; see Filesystems for details)
Command 'q_lustrequota' installed for user Lustre quota queries.
2011-07-06SW package TheadSpotter installed in /usr/local.
2011-06-30SW packages installed/updated in /usr/local: OpenFOAM, forcheck, amber, UNITE, NWChem.
New home file systems /lustre/jhome15 .. jhome24 created (with a total of 590 TB additional disk space).
2011-06-16ParaStation communication pscom upgraded to version 5.0.35-1.
Default ParaStation MPI version switched to mpi2-intel-5.0.25-2. This version is now loaded by the command 'module load parastation' (the old form 'module load parastation/intel' is deprecated and should be removed from all scripts and profiles!).
2011-06-08Certificates for globus gsissh and gridftp updated on node juropagpfs01.
2011-05-26SW packages fftw, ParMetis, ADF, intel updated.
2011-05-24SW package UNITE updated.
GPFS nodes upgraded to GPFS version
2011-05-17SW package cdo updated.
2011-05-16Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre
2011-05-12SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) enabled on Juropa and HPC-FF (see: SMT).
New Intel compiler version 12.0.3 available.
ParaStation process management updated to psmgmt-5.0.32-1.
SW packages UNITE, ADF, cp2k, libint, arpack, intel, llview upgraded.
2011-05-05DEISA network monitoring with iperf installed.
2011-04-28Torque handling of big jobs (> 1024 nodes) corrected by local patch.
2011-04-26ParaStation cluster management pscluster upgraded to version 5.0.41-1.
2011-04-19New feature added to ParaStation healthchecking: repaired compute nodes automatically set online.
SW package lsdyna updated.
2011-04-19Firmware of DDN storage controllers for /lustre/jwork downgraded to version due to performance problems.
2011-04-14SW package gnuplot updated to version 4.4.3.
2011-04-11Changed maximum wallclock limit for class hlst_hpcff from 06:00:00 to 01:00:00:00 in Moab batch configuration.
2011-04-01SW packages ADF, nag, nagc, nagfl90, gmp updated.
2011-03-31GPFS nodes upgraded from GPFS version to
2011-03-24SW packages gsl and gmp updated.
2011-03-18Groups csc17942 and hku15 moved from jhome2 to jhome11.
2011-03-17Infiniband cable check-out and repair.
New Lustre servers attached to UPS.
Firmware update on Sun compute nodes to version 1002070.
Selected home directories moved from Lustre file system jhome2 to jhome11.
ParaStation healthcheck upgraded to version 5.0.16.
ParaStation cluster management upgraded to version 5.0.40.
SW package 'UNITE' updated in /usr/local.
Infiniband diagnostics inspectibdiagnet updated.
2011-03-11SW package 'amber' updated in /usr/local.
2011-03-10SW package 'UNITE' updated in /usr/local.
TSM client upgraded to version 6.2.2 on GPFS nodes.


SW package 'amber' updated in /usr/local.

2011-03-02New OSS nodes attached to Infiniband fabric.
2011-03-01SW package FZJutil updated in /usr/local.
2011-02-2418 user home directories moved from jhome7 to jhome13.
2011-02-17DDN storage hardware for Lustre file systems moved to final location.
SW packages UNITE, amber, ddt updated.
Environment variables WORK_NEW and LUSTREWORK_NEW removed from profile.
ParaStation psheathcheck upgraded to version 5.0.15.
2011-02-03Scratch file system /lustre/jwork1 decommissioned.
New version of SW package amber installed.
2011-02-02SW package ansys updated.
2011-01-25Juropa monitoring system Jumpmon attached to JSC management system RZman.
2011-01-20SW packages molpro, gpaw, gpaw-setup and namd updated.
Firmware of EMC² storage hardware upgraded to version
/usr/local file system moved to new location /lustre/jsoft/usr_local.
Old scratch file system /lustre/jwork1 put into read-only mode.
Patch applied to Torque resource manager in order to fix problems with big jobs.
2011-01-13Deletion of files older than 28 days in new scratch file system /lustre/jwork started.
New Lustre file systems jhome13, jhome14, jsoft configured.
2011-01-06SW packages cdo, gromacs updated/installed.
2010-12-21New scratch file system /lustre/jwork opened for user access. Project directory structure <project>/<user> established in /lustre/jwork.
2010-12-15Wall-clock time limit of HPCFF users running out of quota increased to 12h (6h before).
2010-12-09User groups moved from jhome5 to new file systems jhome11 and jhome12.
New scratch file system /lustre/jwork mounted on all compute nodes.
SW package amber reinstalled in order to fix missing files.
SW packages postgresql-libs, postgresql-devel and postgresql installed on Login nodes.
2010-12-02SW packages amber, ADF, idl and nco updated.
2010-11-25New Lustre MDS and OSS servers jf92o[05-08], jf92o[13-16], jf91m[01-02] installed and connected to IB network.
2010-11-25Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre
2010-11-16Moab Workload Manager updated to version 5.4.4.s17024.
2010-11-11SW packages UNITE and gromacs updated.
Data in /lustre/jwork1 moved away from DDN rack61 in order to prepare for future storage HW upgrade.
2010-11-04Compiler versions switched to new defaults (See: Compiler Defaults)
Lustre local file locks and ACLs enabled (See: File system features)
GPFS upgraded to version
GPFS file system oldwork removed
2010-10-28Linux OS upgraded to SLES11 SP1.
Lustre upgraded to version 1.8.4.
GPFS upgraded to version
2010-10-21Moab Workload Manager upgraded to version 5.4.3.
2010-10-08Multi-cluster GPFS file systems for DEISA defined and mountable with automounter on all GPFS nodes.
2010-10-07ParaStation process management updated to psmgmt-5.0.29-0.
2010-10-05GPFS nodes connected to DEISA network.
2010-09-30Selected user IDs moved to jhome9 and jhome10 for better load balance.
ParaStation process management updated to psmgmt-5.0.28-3.
2010-09-22Unicore TSI Daemon for DEISA installed (juropagpfs01).
2010-09-02Debugger packages ddt 2.6 and totalview 8.8.0-1 installed to /usr/local.
ParaStation process-management updated to 5.0.28-0.
2010-08-26SW package UNITE updated.
2010-08-19GPFS updated to version on GPFS nodes. (
2010-08-05SW packages ADF and UNITE updated.
2010-08-02Updated versions of NetCDF4 (v4.1.1), parallel-netcdf (v1.1.1) and HDF5 (v1.8.5) installed.
GPFS nodes 1-5 converted from NFS-mounted to native GPFS. Better stability and performance expected.
2010-07-29SW packages wsmp and hdf5 updated.
Compute node checkout and repair.
2010-07-2210GigE network drivers (myri10ge) updated to version 1.5.1 on all Login and GPFS nodes. This fixes problems with GPFS file access.
Infiniband cable and switch checkout and repair.
Compute node checkout and repair.
2010-07-08Software package nedit updated (/usr/local).
ParaStation updated to pscom 5.0.32, psmpi2 5.0.24.
Infiniband subnet manager updated to OpenSM 3.2.6_20100324 - Sun patch 2.4
Firmware of Juropa-JSC compute nodes upgraded (FMOD)
2010-07-05Package NetCDF4 updated in /usr/local.
2010-06-25Package lsb installed on login nodes.
2010-06-17Batch resource manager Torque upgraded to version 2.4.8.
Access Control Lists (ACL) added to Lustre file systems (home and work).
Software package nedit installed to /usr/local.
2010-06-16HPC-FF: interactive partition reduced from 32 to 16 nodes; maxnode decreased to 4 for interactive partition.
2010-06-10Software packages wsmp, namd, cpmd upgraded.
libnetpbm-devel installed on Login nodes.
Moab upgraded to version 5.4.1.
2010-06-09Sionlib installed.
2010-05-31Batch wallclock limit reduced to 6 h for jobs/projects that ran out of CPU quota.
2010-05-27Groups eau00, hgu14, hku14, jiff13, jipp01, slpp moved to new home file system /lustre/jhome9.
New home file system /lustre/jhome10 established.
2010-05-27Firmware of Juropa-JSC compute nodes upgraded (SP, CMM, FMOD)
Two Juropa-JSC cooling doors replaced.
2010-05-26Wall-clock limit for Moab batch jobs extended to 24 h.
2010-05-20Starting Millennium XXL project on Juropa-JSC.
2010-05-20SW packages fftw, gsl, hypre, mumps, ParMetis, PETSc, sprng, sundials, hdf5 upgraded.
2010-05-20ParaStation cluster management upgraded to version psmgmt-5.0.27.
2010-05-18Sun Java installed on Juropa and HPC-FF login nodes.
2010-05-17Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre.
2010-05-06Login, compute and GPFS nodes upgraded to Linux kernel, Lustre client
New version of PETSc installed.
libdwarf-*20080818-25.1 installed on login nodes.
2010-04-29Infiniband subnet manager updated to opensm 3.2.6-p.2.4.
mpt linux driver updated to version on Sun Lustre OSS nodes.
2010-04-23Turbomode for Intel Nehalem CPUs enabled in batch jobs.
2010-04-22ParaStation updated to pscom 5.0.30-1, psmpi2 5.0.23-1.
Packages hypre 2.0.0,2.6.0b and blitz++ 0.9 installed/updated.
2010-04-07ParaStation documentation updated to psdoc-5.0.5-1.
2010-04-06Package pde2d installed/updated.
2010-03-25ParaStation cluster management upgraded to version psmgmt-5.0.26-0.
ParaStation MPI (psmpi2) upgraded to version 5.0.22-1.
Moab upgraded to version 5.3.7, revision 15150 (resolves problem with job chains).
SW package ParMetis updated (/usr/local).
SW package sprng updated (/usr/local).
2010-03-23Quota data collection and reporting initialized for Lustre home file systems.
2010-03-18ADF installed/updated.
Maintenance: Several Infiniband links disabled that caused severe Lustre problems. Links need repair.
2010-03-11PETSc and SLEc installed/updated.
ParaStation MPI (psmpi2) upgraded to version 5.0.21-1.
2010-03-09ParTec documentation for MPI and ParaStation available on Juropa Web pages.
2010-03-05Juropa-JSC: Moab interactive partition reduced from 64 to 32 nodes (jj01c01-32)
2010-03-04UNITE, fftw, lammps, molpro, wsmp installed/updated.
WSMP now available via corresponding modules.
Moab 5.3.7 revision 15120 installed.
2010-02-26netcdf v3.6.3 installed
2010-02-25Maximum number of jobs per user set to 500 for classes jsc and hpcff.
2010-02-25mumps reinstalled, gmp, mpfr installed
2010-02-23molden,gli installed
2010-02-19nco 4.0.0, cdo 1.4.1,arpack,mumps,intel,ddt installed
2010-02-18mptlinux driver updated to on Lustre OSS servers
2010-02-01FZJutil update, molpro installed
2010-01-21Moab upgraded to version 5.3.7.s14978
2010-01-05Starting tests with native GPFS support on node juropagpfs05
2009-12-21mumps version 4.8.4 installed
2009-12-18Packages guile, harminv, libctl, meep installed
2009-12-15emacs FZJ-Addons, cp2k 2.1.99 installed
2009-12-10hpcff04 removed from list of HPC-FF login nodes
2009-12-10Moab upgraded to version 5.3.6
2009-12-07nagfl90 and minor update for nag installed
2009-12-03gmp, fftw, ADF installed
2009-12-02python-scipy-0.7.0-1.6 installed
2009-12-02nscd daemon and glibc updated to 2.9-13.3.1 on all login nodes
2009-12-01Deletion of files older than 28 days in /lustre/jwork1 started
2009-11-26Packages installed to /usr/local: ParMetis, totalview, libpng3, matlab, Intel Thread Checker, hypre
2009-11-26Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre.
2009-11-05Packages cp2k, libint, nag installed
2009-10-29ParaStation process-management updated to psmgmt-5.0.23
2009-10-22ParaStation process-management updated to psmgmt-5.0.22
2009-10-15ParaStation process-management updated to psmgmt-5.0.21
2009-10-07Test partition for SW development established: jj28l08, jj25c95, jj25c96
2009-09-24Package ga updated
2009-09-01NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) C Library Mark 8 installed
2009-08-31python-numpy, python-matplotlib installed on login nodes
2009-08-27ParaStation process-management updated to psmgmt-5.0.19
2009-08-25Package cpmd installed to /usr/local
2009-08-21Moab: maximum number of nodes per batch job increased from 256 to 512
2009-08-10Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich.
Course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre.
2009-08-06Start of production
2009-06-23Juropa/HPC-FF achieves position 10 in TOP500 list at ISC 2009 in Hamburg with 274.8 Teraflops Linpack
2009-03-30Intel Xeon X5570 (code name: Nehalem-EP) officially released by Intel
2009-03Begin of cabling and hardware installation
2009-02Bull staging system available in Angers/France for initial software bring-up (270 nodes)
2009-01Begin of site preparation work (power and cooling etc.)
2008-12Delivery of JuRoPA test system for system software development
2008-01-16JuRoPA Design Team kickoff meeting