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Monitoring JUQUEEN

Site: Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)
Batch System: LoadLeveler
Peak-Performance: 5.9 Petaflops
Overall cores: 458,752 cores
Architecture: IBM BlueGene/Q

LLview Juqueen

The IBM Blue Gene/Q system maintained by JSC comprises 458,752 cores and reaches a peak performance of 5.9 Petaflops. This huge number of computing resources is rendered by LLview with the help of its level-of-detail functionality. On the left hand side seven rows of JUQUEEN are shown similarly to the arrangement of hardware in the machine hall. The logical nodes view in the center helps to understand the torus network for point-to-point communication. Each of the smallest rectangles in the nodes views represents a nodeboard, which comprises 512 compute cores. The future load and estimated job schedule is shown by the prediction component at the bottom. Statistical histograms, a three-day load history and a list of running jobs completes the status overview for JUQUEEN.