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Jülich BG/L Scaling Workshop

5-7 December 2006,
Research Centre Jülich

Blue Gene/L supercomputer at Jülich, JUBL

John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC), IBM, and the Blue Gene Consortium jointly sponsored the first "Blue Gene/L Scaling Workshop" in Jülich, Germany, on December 5-7, 2006.


The purpose of the workshop was to provide participants the chance to scale their codes across an 8 rack Blue Gene/L system. Besides the hardware, appropriate software and support personnel were provided to accomplish this task. Jülich provided about 800.000 CPU hours on the 8-rack Blue Gene system JUBL over a three day period for the scaling runs.


The attendees of the workshop were selected by a peer review team. Selection criteria were the confidence that the code would scale across 8 racks, if the JUBL infrastructure (OS, compilers, libraries) support the user request, and the scientific impact that the code could produce.


Members selected were paired up with assigned advisors from Argonne National Laboratory, IBM, and NIC, who assisted in administrative issues (log on, moving data, storing data), and scaling support.


The results of the workshop can be found in the following technical report:

Report on the Jülich Blue Gene/L Scaling Workshop 2006 - FZJ-ZAM-IB-2007-02