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Data placement on heterogeneous memory systems in HPC

Antonio J. Peña (BSC)
Friday, 4 December 2015, 13:30-15:00
Performance Tools I
Talk type:
Short talk (15 min)
We are extending the research on data distribution and partitioning for heterogeneous memory systems started at Argonne. This approach is based on an emulator-based data-oriented profiler. However, the profiling stage is time-consuming. We are evaluating the possibility of adapting and using the profiling tool "Folding" from BSC for this purpose. Since it is based on hardware counters, it seems clear that the profiling time will be greatly reduced. Given the lossy nature of profilers based on hardware counters, however, it is interesting to determine if this solution provides sufficient resolution for the subsequent stage to generate a well-optimized data distribution. In this talk we will present the status of the project and our first results.