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Opening Event for the Simulation Lab Neuroscience

This event introduces the Simulation Lab Neuroscience (SLNS) to the scientific community. The Simulation Lab Neuroscience is funded by the Helmholtz Association in the framework of the Helmholtz Portfolio Theme „Supercomputing and Modeling for the Human Brain (SMHB)“, and the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance JARA.
As „Bernstein Facility for Simulation and Database Technology“, the new lab also contributes its expertise in simulation and database technology to the National Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience.

Simulation Labs are a new type of domain-specific research and support structure dedicated to enabling computational science communities to solve problems with high scientific impact through efficient use of high-end supercomputing resources.
The work of the Simulation Lab Neuroscience in particular is dedicated to the solution of fundamental questions in neuroscience through the use of the most
advanced high performance computers, and includes

  • Building large-scale models and databases of brain structure, function and
  • Developing simulation, database and virtual reality technology for use on
  • Developing algorithms and workflows for data acquisition and analysis
  • Porting and optimizing scientific software for supercomputers

This event will address existing and new structures of neuroscience and supercomputing at Jülich, and also includes a series of neuroscientific talks by international speakers.