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Application Extreme-scaling Experience of Leading Supercomputing Centres

ISC-HPC, Frankfurt, 16 July 2015

Recent editions of the Top500 list of supercomputers have shown little change in the top systems, perhaps a global pause as everyone prepares for exascale. Well-established IBM BlueGene/Q and x86_64-based clusters from Cray and others are strongly represented, as well as newer architectures incorporating GPGPU accelerators and MIC coprocessors, and experience porting and scaling applications on these systems is varied and scattered around America, Asia and Europe. This workshop will bring together speakers from the leading supercomputing centres to share their experience with running and tuning highly-scalable applications on current leadership computer systems and open discussion on how they may look in future. In particular, observed gaps between current and the "ideal" solution arising from technology limitations, programming models, file I/O, tools for debugging and analysis, etc., will be noted.


Exascale HPC, scalable applications, multiple-system experience

Targeted audience

Developers of HPC applications; HPC system providers, purchasers, administrators and support staff