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Massively parallel computing in structure dynamics


The project deals with parallelizing the software CONDAT-DYNA3D, based on 3D Lagrangian Finite Elements. It is working with explicit time integration for the analysis of large deformation dynamic response of inelastic solids and structures. Typical applications include low-, high- and hypervelocity impacts and penetrations, shock wave studies, vehicle crash, metal forming and damage analysis in composites.


Due to the project's general goal, the development of a portable code for various parallel systems, in particular massively parallel machines and workstation clusters, the main task of the Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM) is to create a decomposition tool. Using an algebraic decomposition, it has to generate the input files for the parallel version of DYNA3D and should work for any given geometry.

Partners / Grants

The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The grant period was July 1994 until December 1996.

Status and Results

The project was finished in schedule.

Parallelization the finite-element system CONDAT-DYNA3D was achieved by domain decomposition and message passing. Using this technique, very high speedups on the massively-parallel systems Intel Paragon and Cray T3D could be achieved. Good scalability could be observed for problems with evenly distributed contact regions. Together with the portation to workstation clusters (done by CONDAT), it could be shown that the chosen method was successful with moderate expenditure for different architectures.


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