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Internal support team

Today, research (funding) is getting more complex, not just in relation to scientific challenges but also to management, reporting, controlling, communication, exploitation, public engagement and marketing. Therefore, efficient support structures are required to successfully perform in global research competition.

Selected Activities
  • IBG-2 management team

    The internal science management team (TIM) analyses and optimizes helpful workflows, dealing with e.g., resources management or proposal development (mainly related to third-party projects). One of the main objectives is to improve scientific efficiency. TIM is an entry point for PR and knowledge transfer activities related to IBG-2 (e.g., for journalists or visitors) and an interface to the central administration of the Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH and Helmholtz Association - from HR to legal department or supporting science politics.

  • Project and network coordination

    IBG-2 coordinates a number of multilateral research projects and (inter)national networks. Network offices of BioSC, DPPN, IPPN and EMPHASIS are currently hosted by IBG-2 which requires qualified and experienced science managers to establish efficient management, communication, integration and exploitation processes.

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