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Institute of Bio- and Geosciences

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Mission and Aims

Technology development for sustainable and innovative plant production and bioeconomy

Our focus is on the development and application of non-invasive technologies that enable in-depth as well as high throughput measurements of plant traits.

In our group, with currently about 20 members, we cover different disciplines: biology, physics, computer science and engineering. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to efficiently use a wide range of technologies for trait discovery in plant sciences. In this way we aim to contribute to the sustainable intensification of plant production.

Focus Areas

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): determination of anatomical and morphological plant traits as well as water flux



Dr. Dagmar van Dusschoten
Dr. Carel Windt
Dr. Daniel Pflugfelder

Johannes Kochs
Dr. Robert Koller
Dr. Wilfried Wolff

One of the magnets of the MRI facility. The magnet is used to non-invasively measure dynamic changes in structural and functional traits of plants, roots and soils

Tracer Technologies: transport and allocation of photoassimilates determined by short-lived radioactive tracers



Dr. Ralf Metzner

Jonas Bühler
Esther Breuer
Antonia Chlubek
Marco Dautzenberg
Carsten Hinz
Thomas Hombach
Dr. Gregor Huber

3D Radiotracer Distribution (Pink and blue) in Sugar Beet (grey; co-registration with MRI)

Quantitative Image Processing: Plant status and growth from individual leaves to canopies determined by imaging and image analysis methods



Dr. Hanno Scharr

Hendrik Böhmer
Jonas vom Stein
Daniel Wolters
Carina Päßler

Leaf segmentation with examples of provided images (top) and ground truth data (bottom row) of Arabidopsis

Seed phenotyping: Automated handling and phenotyping of individual seeds (phenoSeeder)



Dr. Robert Koller
Andreas Fischbach
Victor Sydoruk

Schematic of the ‘phenoSeeder’ setup showing a pick-and-place robot and various stations to measure seed traits