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Portrait von Sigi Jahnke

Dr. Siegfried Jahnke

Senior Researcher

weiße Fläche

In the research area Plant Enabling Technologies, we develop non-invasive (NIM) and minimal-invasive methods (MIM) to investigate structural and functional issues of plants. This comprises Nuclear Magnetic Resonance methods (ecoNMR), Tracer technologies (TracerTech), quantitative Image Processing and high-throughput Screening.


My major scientific interests are:

  • Gas Exchange processes in plants with particular emphasis on heterobaric and homobaric leaves which I reckon is of ecophysiological relevance for plants adapted to specific environments.
  • Phloem Transport in plants is an important requirement for plant growth. After CO2 is fixed by the source leaves, photoassimilates are being translocated to the sink organs: to measure the involved processes by non-invasive methods is still an intriguing issue.
  • Tracer Technologies to study long-distance translocation in plants non-destructively by having access to short-lived isotopes (11C, 99mTc, etc.). This is supplemented by chemical analyses of labelled compounds using long-lived radioisotopes like 14C (Solute analytics)



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