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Portrait von Michelle Watt

Prof. Dr. Michelle Watt


Michelle Watt joined IBG-2 as a new director in June 2015, and came from CSIRO, Australia’s national research agency. She holds a Professorship with the University of Bonn in Crop Root Physiology.
She is a plant biologist, specializing in the root systems and their physiology in agricultural and natural environments. The “hidden-half” of plants is critical to global resource use, food security and a sustainable Bioeconomy, yet are poorly understood.
Michelle was attracted to the world leading technologies and science of the IBG-2, notably the non-invasive imaging of roots in soil in real time. In addition, Michelle has a broad vision of science and an interest well beyond the lab bench. She thinks and reads about philosophy of science, of global agricultural issues, and how imagination, diversity of thought and cross-disciplinary science can be harnessed for
scientific discovery and application to societal issues.

Selected Links

Google Scholar: Scholar Michelle Watt
Into the Underworld: Rooting out the secrets of the earth. New Scientist, 21 Sept. 2013, pp. 40-43;
Science podcast: Improving Agriculture from the Ground Down. Feb, 2013;
Food: An underground revolution (July 29, 2010) Nature News Article, Vol 466: 552- 553.
ABC Gardening Australia- Canberra Special- Series 24, Episode 10, May 2013. Feature on how Black Mountain scientists are looking below the ground to find ways to improve crop production, as well as how their groundbreaking research can help gardeners at home.


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