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Links between local scale and catchment scale measurements and modeling of gas exchange processes over land surfaces

This project is funded by the DFG since July 2009 ( and processed in cooperation with the meteorological institutes of the universities Bonn ( and Wageningen (NL) ( Gas exchange between the land surface and the atmosphere is becoming an increasingly important component in modelling the state and the future of the climate system for enhanced climate and weather prediction. Due to the vast inhomogeneity of the land surface and the different scale-dependent characteristics of atmospheric motions there exists a scale gap in addressing these processes in current measurement and modelling methods: No clear concept exists to bridge from the local scale where exchange processes happen close to and at the land surface, to the scales which are suitable to describe and model these transports in the atmospheric environment e.g. by eddy-covariance methods and common boundary layer models, respectively. This project approaches this problem by an integrated methodology combining a set of different local measurement techniques with boundary layer scale estimates ranging from traditional techniques up to modern remote sensing tools and a suite of modelling approaches encompassing the whole atmospheric boundary layer. A flux chamber concept especially adapted to closing the scale gap from the measurement aspect is designed and applied.


Figures: Sketch of an experimental Eddy Covariance setup for footprint model inversions (left), large passive flow-through-chamber validated against an Eddy Covariance station (right).