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V5 Common Features

Sensor unit

  • Each sensor unit can host up to 9 SDI-12 sensors (e.g. to measure soil moisture, matrix potential etc.), 4 sensors with analog output signal and one reed switch sensor (e.g. rain gauge) – maximum is 9 sensors in total
  • 3.6 V lithium battery can support at least 60000 measurements
  • Possibility of energy supply by an optional solar panel
  • Data logging function & handshake mechanism for unbroken dataflow

    6 moisture sensors and 3 matric potential sensorsExample with 6 moisture sensors Truebner SMT-100 and 3 matrix potential sensors Meter Teros 21

  • A real-time clock enables high precision measurement timing and synchronization.
  • Measurement frequency of each sensor unit is individually configurable and can be changed remotely
  • Up to 31 Mio measurements can be stored on a SD-Card
  • The “Offline” modus enables measurements without the need of a radio network

SoilNet Einbauloch

CPA Software (Control Panel Application)

  • Receive, decode, answer, visualize and export the data packets from the soilnet wireless sensor network.
  • Full configurability of the program functionality (e.g. import, view, node, export format)
  • Parameters as measuring interval and status information for each node are changeable
  • Time synchronization of the nodes is carried out.
  • Different measuring units can be defined (soil moisture station, weather station, groundwater level station, etc.) and operated in parallel.
  • For each measurement unit there is a separate tabular representation of the data on a website.
  • The most recently received data can be viewed and the faultless operation of the station can be checked.
  • SoilNet LoRa CPA application is running on a linux based system, eg. Ubuntu or Raspbian.

View of the Control Panel ApplicationSoftware Soilnet CPA Software Website-View