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Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors

The “Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors “ group is working on the development and study of properties of electrochemical sensors and multisensor systems with redox proteins, oxidoreductase enzymes, molecular macrocycles, and their nanostructures based on molecular assembly for detection and monitoring of reactive oxygen species, ions, ion/molecular transport, and redox signaling in single cells, cellular systems, and tissues.

Dr. Youlia Mourzina

Dr. Youlia Mourzina, PI

phone: +49 (0)2461 61 2364
Research activities: bioelectrochemical sensors, nanomaterials, photoelectrochemistry

Former Members and Guests

Dr. Xiao LiuCSC Doctoral researcher
Dr. Ekaterina KoposovaMaster student, Doctoral researcher
Konstantin G. NikolaevMaster student, DAAD Doctoral researcher
Dr. Irina MuratovaMaster student
Roman VochinskyMaster student
Dr. Dieter WeberMaster student
Dr. Alexandre KisnerDoctoral Researcher
Dr. Michael JansenMaster student
Prof. Dr. Bernhard WolframPostDoc
Dmitry KalaguineMaster student


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Dr. Youlia Mourzina

Tel.:  +49-2461-61-2364

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