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Film Deposition and Processing

We provide a number of technologies for the deposition of inorganic (metalic, semiconducting, di/ferroelectric and spefic oxides) and organic films, as well as lithographic and imprint technologies. Other technologies are available at the Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF) .


Wafer scale deposition systems (mainly 4 inch-wafer processes):

PECVD (deposition of dielectrics e.g. SiO2, Si3N4) , Oxford and Sentech PECVD systems

  • Deposition on substrates up to 20 cm diameter with SiO2 or silicon nitride
  • Dep. rates: SiO2: >40nm/min.; SiNx: >10nm/min
  • Uniformity: <0.005 (200 mm)
  • Repeatability: <0.005

PECVD SentechPECVD Sentech

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

E-beam deposition: Pfeiffer PLS 500 and PLS 570

  • Deposition rate: 0-2 nm/s
  • Materials: Au, Al, Ag, Co, Cr, Ge, Ir, Mo, Ni, Pd, Pt, SiO2, Ta, Ti, W
  • Max. substrate size: 100 mm (PLS 500),150 mm (PLS 570)

E-beam deposition E-beam deposition: Pfeiffer PLS

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

GLOBUS, evaporation facility for organic layers

  • organic layers
  • silanization
  • mono- and multilayer
  • insitu activation
  • insitu recording of deposition

Deposition of organic moleculesGLOBUS, Deposition of organic layers


Prof. R. Wördenweber

tel.: +49-2461-61-2365


Film processing and patterning (usually on 4-inch wafer scale):

Furnace (oxidation of silicon (wet,dry))

  • Tempress oxidation furnace:
    Wet and dry oxidation of Si in O2 atmosphere, silicidation and oxidation of metals.
    Temperature range: 450...1100°C.
    Three horizontal furnace tubes.
  • Centrotherm oxidation furnaces Wetox1 and Wetox2:
    Furnace orientation: vertical
    Max. wafer diameter: 200mm
    Max. Temperature: 1000°C
    Process gases: N2, N2O, H2, O2
    Trans-1,2-Dichloroethene (DCE)

Deposition of organic moleculesFurnaceTempress, Centrotherm

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

Reactive ion etching (Si, SiO2, Si3N4, etc. ) (Oxford Plasmalab 100)

Reactive ion etching (RIE) with various species of ions. Etch mechanism: Chemically assisted sputtering. Masking with (AZ-) resist structure and Laser interferometry endpoint detection.

RIE 3+4: Parallel plate RIE reactor or ICP source RIE reactor; Gas species: Ar, O2, SF6, CHF3, CF4, HBr, Cl2; RF power: 0-600W; ICP power: 0-3000W; Sample size: up to 200mm diameter

RIE 5-7: Reactive ion etching (RIE)/Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP). Gas species: Ar, O2, H2, SF6, CHF3, Cl2; RF power: 0-300W; ICP power: 0-3000W; sample size: up to 150mm diameter

Deposition of organic moleculesReactive ion etching: Oxford Plasmalab 100

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

Nanoimprint lithography Nanonex NX-2000

The imprintor molds a stamp made with electron-beam scribing into soft material (mostly imprint or photo resist). Thus small dimensions achievable with electron-beam scribing can be duplicated.


  • For wafers up to 100 mm diameter
  • Max. pressure for the piston: 160 bar
  • Vacuum contact between stamp and wafer
  • Heating for resist treatment
  • UV irradiation of the resist is possible (if the stamp is transparent for UV)

Nanoimprint lithography Nanoimprint lithography: Nanoimprintor Nanonex NX-2000

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

Optical lithography: Mask aligners Süss MA-6/MA-8

UV exposure of wafers or chips covered with photoresist through a (1:1) mask.
Sample size: 10 mm * 10 mm up to 150 mm diameter.
Mask size: 4 inch * 4 inch or 5 inch * 5 inch.
4 units with different optical systems:

  • Hg-vapour lamp 350W: UV300, 280-350nm, 320nm
  • Hg-vapour lamp 350W: UV400, 350-400nm, 365nm
  • Xe high-pressure lamp: UV250, 230-260nm, 248nm
  • Hg vapour lamp 1000W: UV400, 380-500nm, variable

Optical lithographyOptical lithography: Mask aligners Süss MA-6/MA-8

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)

Electron-Beam Lithography: Vistec EBPG 5000plus


  • High voltage 20, 50 or 100 kV
  • Write frequency up to 50MHz
  • Substrates up to 150mm
  • Smallest feature size < 30nm
  • Positioning accuracy 5.2nm
  • Overlay and stitching accuracy specified: 60nm (3σ)
  • Overlay accuracy experimental: approx. 10nm (3σ)

Electron-Beam LithographyElectron-Beam Lithography

For more information please contact Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF)