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Nanoelectrochemical Interfaces

Welcome to our group page!

In our group, we develop and investigate on-chip nanoscale devices for bioelectronic applications based on nanofabrication technologies available through the Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility. Additionally, we have been working with printed electronics techniques developing our own functional inks. Our specific interest lies in establishing chip tools for the communication with cells and cellular networks. To this end, we investigate electrochemical techniques, which benefit from fast diffusion processes on the nanometer scale. Our goal is to develop biohybrid systems based on these tools to study the release of neurotransmitters. Furthermore, we explore functional interfaces for cell-chip coupling using electrical, chemical, and optical communication in a fluidic environment. Thus, we are working in an exciting, highly interdisciplinary field at the border between physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

If our research topics look interesting to you, feel free to contact us as we are constantly looking for motivated students with diverse backgrounds to join our group? For details, see our career section or contact Bernhard Wolfrum (mailto: